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when i played the game i didnt know it would be this terrifying,i thought it was calm game but it hit me like a truck when poor charly lost his mouth,i really enjoyed the game,great job friends!

Thanks a lot, we're glad you enoyed the game 🥰


Insane voice acting, art and music !

Charles's experience really looks like schizophrenia

If it's on purpose, i would've loved to see props hinting about that in the game


Thank you for your review 🥰

It is not, but we did use anxiety as a main inspiration 👌


Intriguing concept. Just to let you know: the browser version isn't working right. It only shows the left-upper corner of the screen. I'm downloading the exe version now, to see if I can play it over there.

My Windows won't let me execute it X'D It thinks it's a virus...

When you launch the game, there is a full screen button on the bottom right of the game window

I did click the full screen button, in fact. That's how I realized it wasn't my browser's zoom being weird, but the game zooming in on the left-upper corner. At least, that's how it looks to me from over here. I have windows, btw. Could it be a compatibility issue?

Which browser do you use? I'm going to report that issue to my team 😎

Ohhh, I didn't think about switching browsers. I'm gonna try that next. I was using Mozilla Firefox.

As for the devise, if that was a question directed at me, I was using a windows 64 laptop. Does that help?

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Alright! I switched to Chrome, and then put the full screen, and I was finally able to play it! I don't know why it's giving me such a hard time, though. In Mozilla it just won't stop showing the left-upper corner zoom-in view.

But back to the game itself. So. This has been a very tortuous experience, lol XD The poor guy, he has such a happy-go-luck attitude. I kind of love his design, but at the same time I can't help think it kind of clashes with the ambience you are trying to set.

And I kinda feel the same about the scenario - if you ever decide to touch it up, my suggestion is to make is a bit more sombre. I remember there was a movie with a premise not very different to this one. The switch between how the room looked originally and how it switched to something grey-er, more older-looking, did wonders.

I really liked the narrator voice, no doubt it's the biggest sell of the whole experience. The fact that it literally has a "narrator" voice is nicely unsettling. Btw, we kind of had a similar idea using a literal narrator, lol. (Shout-out to Rachel if she winds up reading this heh)

Anyway. Nice work. Interesting premise. And I liked the switch in the title. I hope you manage to figure out the bugs and kinks! 'Gluck

Hi! I wanted to know which resolution your device has :)


This was a really cool experience! the creepy monsters were really unnerving... the narration was good as well. 

Poor Charles though ;;


Thank you so much for the kind words!^^

(I have been notified to let you know that no Charles were hurt in the making of this game(hopefully))


Checked into Room 1057 and it was an awesome little experience! The artwork was great (especially how expressive Charles was), the voice acting was the perfect mix of charming and unnerving, and horror imagery was used really effectively.


We thank you for your great review of our lovely motel!
Please return at any time for another stay in room 1057 :)

Thanks once again from the entire 1057 team! ^^