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Lost in a dark and gloomy cave, Laylin is well aware of how she got there. Terrified of what might happen if she stays, she gives herself one unique goal: find a way out.

After wandering for a while, she notices a weird silhouette in the distance. As she gets closer, she realizes that it is another version of herself. Far from being scared, the clone is sobbing, its face covered in pain. Understanding that she's talking to her repressed emotions, Laylin finally accepts to cooperate with them. She knows that together, they have a higher chance of escaping.

is a platformer game in which the journey matters more than the end itself. Follow Laylin in her quest, explore colorful environments, unlock surprising powers and hopefully help her discover the truth. 

TW: this is a game about mental health and mental disorders which can hurt some players. Proceed carefully!

Made in 72h for the 111th Mini Jam.


Narrative design:

Level design:

Game art:

Environment assets:

Music and sound design:


Oneness v1.0.1.zip 52 MB
Oneness v1.0.1 Mac.app.zip 61 MB


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I luv it, it's one of those games that bring comfort for me, cute in it's design, it drives all of those things from simplicity